something I've noticed


general yos with their beadblast grind like it’s their job. they just stay there spinning forever


Yeah, I love em!


not sure if you’ve ever tried it, but the x3 stampede is the best yoyo I’ve ever used for grinds. period.
got nearly a 10 second finger grind before with it.

(Kei) #4

Whats its finish?

And yeah I love beadblast!


no idea what they use. but brett did a review on high speed yoyo. Even he mentioned how amazing the grinding was.

(Jei Cheetah) #6

You calling out “IV”? I think he has been in the community long enough to know how well a general-yo grinds bro. Don’t disrespect the legit people of the community.





not fair, i meant to put “I’ve” just got a little lazy

(Raphael) #8

You have just won. I don’t know what you won. but you just did.