Best grinding throw

([:]chris[:]) #1

I’m really getting into grinding. What is the best grinding throw???


I’m digging on my Omnicron x for grinds, which I believe had the same treatment as OD does, but for some reason it feels better on the hand than my onedrops.


The grind king by the fabulous landon balk at 3yo3

Its made of teflon and grinds for EVER


X^3 has a nice blast.


Spin Dynamics Smooth Move without caps. A beast


I’ve owned a bunch of yoyos and the only one that made me go “holy crap” for grinds is the Werrd Minute.

I have not tried the teflon one. :smiley:


Not the Lesula? How about a long grind challenge? :wink:


Not the Lesula. The Minute can excel at every single type of grind. The Lesula’s shape lends it well to finger grinds, so part of the grind longevity is the ability to keep it balanced for a long time… but I’m sure the Minute’s finish (at least my gold one… I doubt they’re different from colour to colour, though!) is the better-grinding finish.

Those palm grinds… Minute’s got’em. Cup grinds (finger and thumb inserted into cup), Minute wins. It can also do matador, which you simply don’t have on the lesula. Finger grinds… hard to say. I might be able to crank out a longer one on the Lesula owing to the shape. :wink:

For finger grinds, though, even better than the Lesula is the 3yo3 AL5 or the 2sickyoyos Gambit. That slightly concave “scooped” catch zone is a perfect fit for the finger!


Overall, probably the Irony JP

finger grinds - Irony JP

arm grinds - Irony JP

thumb grinds - Chief

finger spins :
Titan 3
best without a dimple - Strix
best without dimple or polish - Irony JP


Very nice. Most of their throws are also quite wide and amazing and grinding due to this feature. Check out an X3 Seed or Steamroller. WOW.


Something with a bead blasted surface


Irony JP is your throw.


Best grinding yo-yo I have ever played with is the General Yo 5-Star v2.

(Owen) #14

I agree with this. General-Yos have a very good finish.

The X^3 Steamroller is also worth a mention. I believe that is the wide X^3 anyways.


My ministar is pretty amazing at grinds


People, people, people!

WERRD Minute

Duh! Best for arm, finger and thumb grinds. Just do it. :smiley:


The Stampede seems like it would grind very well.


Beatcha to it ages ago! In total agreement. :wink:

(major_seventh) #19

werrd minute


If anyone here has tried one, the deadly spins wrath is very nice for grinds. Cup grinds feel amazing because of the IGR and the deep cups. Finger and palm grinds are also great. It’s too bad that they don’t plan on another run for a while.