Could everyone start posting grind times with your yoyos?

Could everyone start posting grind times with your yoyos?

Depends on how hard you throw it and what type of yoyo.

Protostar. 1 second or maybe 0, lol it can’t grind. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t grind.


Satisfied now?

6 seconds finger grind with galaxy blasted super wide. Looove that finish

3yo3 Grind King - Landon Balk made this video of an 8 second finger grind:

Like sleep time, I’m going to say this is more a function of the yoyoer than the yoyo.


i have gotten 9 seconds with a Gen-yo hatrick :slight_smile: my finger was burning very badly after though, haha.

4 second finger grind with grind machine :wink:

The grind machine sucks for grinding lol…

it burns to grind with that thing.

My roommate had an evil-yo and that thing would grind forever. No joke it blew my mind every time.

My GK has a bit of a vibe, I can’t break 4 seconds with it usually. Maybe I’ll change the bearing and see if I can get a better spin. My best grinding throw is my viszilla, I just got a little over 6 with it.

7 to 8 seconds with mech of spyder …I could get longer if I threw on some slightly longer string.

Stupid auto Correct on my phone. I meant meh og spyder.

My Grind Machine can grind for about 3-4 seconds. It does suck at grinding, but it is better than most plastics are at grinding.

I can consistently get 7 with my Evil Yo.

I can get 7-8 seconds with my echo

And I thought 4 seconds is really long for grinds #sigh

I can get 4 with my Code 2.

0.01 with my duncan butterfly