which is the best yoyo for thumb grinds and arm grinds???

I want to buy a yoyo that is god for arm and thumb grinds in a price range of 0 to 100$ ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

the shape does matter, as does spin time, don’t let me tell you otherwise. But a very important factor is a smooth finish and low body contact. The less that touches your body, the less friction is created, and the finish also does a large part to reduce it. That’s why a raw yoyo doesn’t do grinds as well. A prime example would be, IMO, a G5 or a Grind Machine 2. A very severe H Shape, very angular, and a phenomenal anno.

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Or just whatever. I use my responsive Spinfaktor HG to grind all the time.

For learning grinds, yes, something very smooth and unresponsive will make it easier, but once you have grinding down, bust out a plastic.

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888s are really good for grinding
and they are $100.00
perfect at grinding!

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Duncan Imperials are GREAT for thumb grinding. j/k.

Any yoyo with a IRG is good at thumb grinding, however, almost any yoyo can thumb grind.

About arm grinding, the less of the yoyo that hits your body, the less friction, the longer the yoyo spins on your arm.

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may i suggest a BOSS, they do it all, thumb grind and arm grind about as good as it can get.

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Well, yes, near anything can work, I was talking #1.

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BOSS is really good. I don’t know if it’s the best but it sure is AMAZING. The Grind Machine 2 would probably be the best since it is the grind machine.

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Hatrick all the way, so smooth on the arm on arm grinds, and doesn’t lose any power after any grind. It’s also perfect for thumb grinds because of the lip.

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There is no best. There is no #1. I could say the Wedgie is the best and the Boss sucks. Many people would agree, many would disagree. I could say the…what’s any other yoyo out there…the Diversion is the best but the…umm… Chaotic sucks. Again, many would agree, many would disagree. Any yoyo you find will be able to grind well. 'Nuff said.

(Not trying to sound like a jerk.)

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i never knew that
but some yoyos are better at grinding than others

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well, set by aspects of other yoyos grind duration, even though they are able to grind amply well, so yoyos are not as good at it. It redefines the term “well” in relativity of other yoyos, and some are simply better at it. I was struggling to find the right words for it, #1 wasn’t it. I was talking about optimum conditions for it, not stating that other yoyos could not.

Grind Machine lol


Ive tried all of the yyf fundemetals (cause their cheap) and my fave is dv888. its got a giant inside rim, a nice smooth finish and a long, stable spin.

LOL Grind Machine! :smiley: ;D

i found that if the finish is good, more contact is better. have you tried a palm grind with a meteor vs a hatrick? meteor will spin better, but the hatrick has more ballance and stability and in the end it is better. plus of course the epic blast.

hatrick is my all time favorite grinder ever. out of the 3 though, boss. 888 is hard to thumbgrind.

i haven´t try any metal yoyo ever because i live in portugal we havent any yoyo shops just have yomega trans axel yoyos and henrys :’( :’( :’(

I´m going to buy the YYF 888x!!!

I am going to send you a pm on how to check for yoyos in Portugal :wink: