Best grinding Yoyos?


I’m looking for a good yoyo for both arm and hand grinds as well as thumb grinds

Any suggestions?


The Spin Dynamics Flow is an EXCELLENT choice as it can grind for days!!


Hspin yoyos, like the icon


I hear the steamroller is good


Square Wheels Royale. However, it’s a bit weak on the thumb grinds since it’s lacking an IRG, but you can do it.


Any General Yo is phenomenal at grinding! Also the SPYY Dynamo is a fantastic grinder as well


I’d say it will be a bit harder to learn grinds on, but if you already learned how to , go for it!

(G2 Jake) #8

Evil yo


I found the RecRev Octave and Freq.wav to be excellent grinders.

(SR) #10

Dang it haha… ninja’d.

I agree, any General Yo is the best!


Spin Dynamics Flow
General Yo Model 10
Caribou Lodge/One Drop Summit


If you like full size I highly recommend the Flow, if you like undersized then the Smooth Move


From SPYY: NOT the El Ranchero (except IRG which is pretty good)… however, Supra, Pro, and Dynamo are all pretty nutty for grinds.

Deadly Spins Wrath

CLYW… most of’em… unless you need IRG and then none of’em. :wink:


arm and finger grinds - anything blasted(bead blast, soda blast, candy blast, etc…)
thumb grinds - anything with an igr

The SPYY Punchline is my favorite yoyo for grinds.


How come no body mention the MFD lesula it’s the best grinding yoyo ever.


Good question! I have one, even. It’s absolutely insane for the finger grinds.


I haven’t tried that many throws, but the best I have for grinding is my John Ando edition Superstar. It feels like nothing grinding on your hand.


I would seriously consider the onedrop cascade.