Best grinder ever

I am looking for a new yoyo. I want to grind. I already have a dv888 and a dm. I want a really high quality yoyo that can just grind forever. Price doesn’t matter, and I would like undersized and rounded. How are the wooly and pro at grinds? And if you have suggestions, post them!

The Hspin Gorylla is an awesome grinder, as is the YYF Boss

The Wooly and Pro are both excellent for grinds, but I wouldn’t call either undersized - especially not the Pro. You might consider the HATrick if you’re set on undersized. It’s a beast of a grinder, it’s undersized, stable, and rounded. Another couple of options in the undersized range would be the E1NS and the Bulldog.

Um. Any anodized metal in the hands of a capeable thrower can grind. Just throw, get good, and grind.

I hear the icon is a very good grinder

Big Bang

Most ILYYs grind amazingly. If I had to chose a yoyo to grind on, it would be an ILYY.

All you need is a annoed yoyo or a blasted yoyo. Most of it comes from practice

I second that

A 3yo3 cosmo bead blasted is totally awesome yoyo for grinds, the rims are somewhat round but its not undersized. 3yo3 makes some wicked good yoyos and even though its plastic it can out preform lots of the high end metals out there.

The best grinder I ever had was a Ministar the deep blast made it grind forever.

YYF 888X

I can easily pull off a 10-15 second hand grind on my marmot.
That’s a LONG time.
I found that the “wavelength” edition superstars are also amazing.

Pro is… decent. I tried one, it kinda spun out.
Thoose three:
2.Superstar “Wavelength”

a new breed is a really smooth grinder, not exactly long depends on your throw.

Go with the Hatrick option, it’s super smooth on all types of grinds.

Honestly, if you’re good and good at grinding, you can probably grind on any plastic just as well as on any/most metals. That plus

The quality of Tom’s grinds shouldn’t be in question here. He simply asked for a good undersized metal that grinds really well. Tom, the smoothest grinding yoyo I have ever thrown as my Barco Energy, I have a review up for it here on the site. The finish on it is blasted, the media used to blast it, I don’t know, but this thing is downright fluffy. A lot of the YYF and One Drop’s grind really well. Everyone is right though, the yoyo doesn’t make the grind, but there are some (like the Barco Energy) that are designed with grinding as the top priority. I hope this helps.

Pick any undersized metal. It will grind.

While Mi is right, some yoyos are easier to bring with than others. Generalyo and ILYY are probably king and queen, but they are
a) pretty rare (generalyo, at least)
b) Pricey
so I would recomend a Y-Factor, its affordable, and a GREAAAT finish for grinds.
Just my two cents