thumb grind

The other day I kinda learned a
thumb grind but every time it slows
down my yoyo. Can you help.


exactly my problem, are you just touching the sides? or are you touching the middle itself.

well what yo are you using? some yos are better than others so that might be your prob. also mettle yos grind better than plastic or wood so if its that get a new yo. also how hard are you throwing it? you might have to really get a good trow. also another thing that helped me when i started thumb grinds was to put graphite on the inside of your yo. note that it gos away quickly so its just for practicing. hope this helps, later and remember keep it spinning.

you gotta learn some spellings dude

Thumb grinds aren’t meant to last more than a few seconds because it can easily cause your yo to die. Metals definitely grind better than wood and plastics, but the DM is good for them because it was kind of made for it.

I’m sorry for the spelling errors. I’ve never been a great speller and probably never will so this is my apology. I try to use the check spelling tool as much as I can but sometimes it doesn’t give me the right word. later and remember keep it spinning.

When two things touch and one is spinning the object spinning naturally slows down. Meaning: when you do a thumb grind your thumb is going to slow down the yoyo. There is no way to avoid it. However, you can reduce the amount of friction by adjusting how much of your thumb touches the yoyo. I learned to thumb grind by watch Andre. Watch his videos a couple of times. I also agree with the guy that posted earlier. It will be easier if you have a longer spin. So maybe work on your spin time too.

If you throw a hard sleeper, it won’t slow down.

Happy Throwing ;D

The Grind Machine 2 is great for thumb grinds. It is awesome!

I heard the pyro is one of the best if not the best thumb grinder out there.