Having Trouble With Dark Magic Thumb Grinds?

Well, I have a Dark Magic, and one thing I hear from people is how they rave about the thumb grinds on it. However, crazy as it seems, I have difficulty doing so. Do you grind on the outer ring (too small of a surface area for me to keep my thumb on) and there’s also an inner ring type deal (keeps on slipping off)

So the queston is, what ring do you use?

And if grinds on this yoyo require fingernails, they are something I do not possess.

To answer your question, the ring designed for grinding is the inner one IMO.
The outer ring is really tight to get into, and it just doesnt happen for me…

Outer lip grind can happen, longer fingger nails helps a lot.
Inner lip is easier, if it slip on you, tilt the yoyo little bit towards yourself, it help me a lot when i first learn it.

Also, based on my experience, grinding on the outer lip give more grind time for some reason.

Hope this help.

If you have gloves, like knit gloves, you can grind very easily.

Those will only hinder you on thumb grinds.

it helps a lot to thumb grind almost like your giving a thumbs up!

i went from not being able to thumb grind, to being able to thumb grind for like 6 and a half seconds!!!

Just so you know, I’m not new to thumb grinds at all, just on this particular yoyo.

i know, it’s just that a lot of the time i see Andre doing thumb grinds with the flat of his thumb facing the ground, and not with his thumb up.

How I’ve always done it.

How I’ve always done it.
ok, then i have no idea why thumb grinds with the DM aren’t working?
sorry. :frowning: :frowning: