Grinding yoyo


I want to do some grinding yoyo tricks, by my metal rimmed yoyo is not ideal for that kind of thing.
What’s a good yoyo to do grinds with?


Well, if you get a glove you can grind with your current yoyo. If you are looking to grind without yoyo gloves then pretty much any full metal yoyo will let you do grinds. The only ones that I have found don’t grind well are Aoda’s, their cheap but the finish isn’t great for grinding.


I also have a question about grinding. Is the trigger good for thumb grinds for you guys? I have tried and just can’t seem to find a good position.


I"m not sure. THe metal ring seems a bit low and flat, not giving any angle for getting some “hook” action out of it. Doesn’t seem to be intended for this type of trick. The opper rim area is flat, really not a good place either.


dv888 and darkmagic are good or you could get a maverick and silicone it


the dv888 is all metal right?