grinding help


could someone give me some first grinding tuts and advice? ???

want to start grinds :wink:

thanks ;D



(drumma/yoyo) #3

Don’t do all these bumps.
Andre shows you how to grind very well.


Just wanted some tips ;D

(drumma/yoyo) #5

Tip#1. Practice.
Tip#2. If you stop practicing, look at Tip#1.
Tip#3. Don’t do all the funky colors. It’s annoying.


Andre shows the tricks very well. Also:

(YoYoBlaze) #7

First of all, grinding is better with yoyos that have a special finish, like beadblasting, or if their simply have some metal on them. Most YYJ metal rimms would be fine for grinding and most metals, except for those with something like a sandblast finish.
Also, it’s better if you tilt whatever you’re grinding on down. This would allow the yoyo to stay on your whatever for more impressive grinds.
Lastly, Practice. It makes perfect you know :slight_smile:


thanks ;D

lastly ??? :wink: