hi, ive been yoyoing for quiet some time now but i still havent really got what a ‘grind’ is, how to do it, or what it looks like. please help.

Did you watch the tut here on yye ( He shows you what it looks like. A grinding trick is getting the yoyo to land on your body. It is usually on your arm. What you do is [this is the way I learned how to do it] throw a trapeze, then slowly bring the yoyo towards your finder of your throwhand. Then once the yoyo touches your hand, the yoyo does the rest of the work by gliding across your arm. Think of it as “walking the dog on your arm.” Hope this helped.

A grind is when the yoyo is spinning on your thumb,finger,arm,palm and where really.To do it you can go form a trapeze and bring the yoyo to your arm and let it spin off through the other side of your arm, thats a simple arm grind.theres also tuts of grinding on the YYE tutorials

this is my vid