Trick I made Jeweller's Grind

So here we go!
You’ll need your non-throwhand as dry as possible, I use a hair dryer. “So, what you do,”-Andre Boulay.
You just throw a sleeper, and you grind the yoyo right where you can bend your wrist, on top of your hand. Angle your hand so the yoyo just grinds there, like a throwhand grind, kinda. Then, you cup your left hand below the right, tilt your right hand so the yoyo moves forward and off your hand, and catch the yoyo in the palm of your hand. It should grind there. And just throw the yoyo off your hand to finish.

I need a name! For the trick.

I would love to help you name this trick. Could you please post a video so I can see it?

double grind flip

I can’t really get a video… my parents have this old camcorder thingy… they just take a lot of pictures, not much vids, and that one is so old, it can’t link to a computer…
Was there something wrong with the description? It’s relatively easy… just a strong throw.

Just trying to see the characteristics to name it. How about Jeweller’s Polish?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure its a Diablo Trick. You could call it…hmm…Cup Grind?

I fail, right?

Not bad samad ;D

Keep 'em coming!

Fireball -Z-!

Sahara? Like the desert.

WC Grind
(wrist to cup grind)

I hope that helps ;D

How does Sahara relate??? Or fireball z?? Something that actually kinda describes it… Jeweller’s polish sounds good… or jeweller’s grind??? And is there another way to hold your yoyo while spinning??? Cause I have to keep on going for the hair dryer.

You can hold with hubstacks-Sahara is like a desert which is dry like your hands-And how does jewlers polish relate?

The polish… you have to grind the jewel to polish it…

Wasn’t I close to that? Lol I just added Jeweller’s to it.

Yay! I contributed to a trick name!!! When Im like 40 I can say, yeah this guy told me to help him find a name and I helped him name it! lol.

If the trick gets widespread. I guess it’s my signature now…

hahaha Glad to hear it!!!