Horizontal Palm Grind Help?

Whenever I pop the yoyo onto my hand, it bounces or spins right off. I’m using a G5. Any tips would be appreciated.

Cup your hand more
And find a yoyo with a less bulky rim to practice with!

Ok and my g5 is my only real grinder at the moment, other that my POPstar. And to eliminate possible confusion, I’m talking about the grind Harold Owens does.

I know!

Harold owens stopping grind bind is what you are looking for. I know this sounds silly but wear a glove on your non throw hand to increase spin time (i know he doesn’t use a glove) throw a horizontal throw and land it on you palm, it works best if you make your hand shaped like an upright “U” then wrap the string around the yoyo counter clock wise and bind

You need a better grinder to get this trick down good. May I suggest anything with a media blast. The finish on yoyofactorys just isn’t good enough for these kind of tricks.

What about a wooly marmot?

Harold Owens used a YYF Catalyst for his performance, so obviously the YYF finish is good enough.

That will work.

Agreed, but when your learning to do it, its easiest with a good grinder.