Any good tutorials on horizontal palm grinds

Alright I can seem to find any tutorials on this trick even though it looks amazing anyone know of any good tutorials or ways to learn the trick???

I don’t get what you need a tutorial for

horizontal palm grinds

why you need a tut I mean
edit: in other words what is there not to understand?

just get the yoyo on your palm and bind like a finger spin, finger spin is pretty much the same.

Yea. And if the yoyo die’s before you can bind it just try balancing it on your hand a slightly different way until you find the way that works best for you.

Good luck.

I do mine like this.

I throw a regular horizontal breakaway and pop the yoyo into my hand. It takes practice to get a nice grind. Then I wrap the string around the yoyo twice clockwise with my throw hand and pull to bind. Once you practice it will become a lot easier. I started being only able to do it on nicely blasted throws and now I can do it on any unresponsive.

It was a perfectly legitimate question and there is a technique to it.

first tip: you don’t want the whole circle of the cup to be grinding on your palm. You want to catch the yoyo such that it’s riding just on an edge. The gyroscopic properties of the yoyo will keep it in this orientation as it grinds.

next tip: assuming you want to bind from there, you can do the whole “sidewindery” thing by throwing your entire string as a slack across the wrist side of your palm (beside the spinning yoyo, not in it yet) and then pulling the segment into the gap while simultaneously orienting your hand to be above the yoyo.

Alright now is there any “best” place to put the Yoyo while your doing the palm grind?

And my fingers are constantly getting in the way of the bind how do I fix this?

The secret to a long palm grind is to minimize contact between your yoyo and palm. Personally, I palm grind on the top line of the 7 formation found in the folds of your palm. (If you need any clarification let me know)

As for the bind, instead of circling your TH around the yoyo and wait for it to bind, I suggest performing a throwing motion for the first part to get the string towards the front of your palm without getting caught in your fingers and then wrap around the axle.

This sounds really confusing over written words, but if you have any trouble understanding this feel free to ask for clarification ;D

Whipped this together for you:


Pretty good tutorial for just “Whipping” it together. :smiley:

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I had to move the camera around and adjust the focal length a few times and by the time I got it “right” I had forgotten to make sure I was still pointed at just the wall… that mirror frame screws up visibility of the trick itself. But oh well… the first two hand close-ups were the important part. :wink:


Great tutorial.

It’s and “OK” tutorial. I just realized that I don’t talk about spin direction. If you are doing your horizontal throw the other direction, you will have to throw the string on the opposite side of the yoyo before throwing it through the gap. 8)

Fine then. Its an ‘OK’ tutorial :smiley: :smiley:

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Alright I have another question once again how do I keep it when I am grinding in the same spot it keeps spinning off my hand.

Just try keeping your hand level. But if it keeps coming off then tip your hand a little so that the yoyo would have to climb up your hand in order to fall off.

If that makes sense.

Well what finish does your yoyo have, if it’s blasted or has a grinding finish, just angle your palm a bit to keep the yoyo spinning in place

I am honestly not sure what finish my TP paranoid has or SPYY amplifier. Which i have been using time to do research but I know for a fact the paranoid isn’t blasted.