Wrap up?


Anyone hav a vid that explains how to do like this thing were you pop the yoyo in your hand and it binds PLEASE help


Please be more specific. is it a palm grind you mean?

at :14


No not really it is the last trick in this routine just not behind the back


oh, that’s something I haven’t seen a tutorial for but have seen before. when you are doing horizintal, pop the yoyo up in the air and put your hand under it, vertical. you toss the slack to your right, wrap it around and pull in such a way as to gain friction. That’s all I can really say.


I’ve seen/done that before. What you want to do is throw the yoyo horizontally (like UFO) and the pop it up on your palms this is easier to learn with a glove. If you have a glove, the yoyo may stay on your hand without you cupping it, but for when you take the glove off you want to cup your hand to keep the yoyo on it. Then, you want to wrap the string counterclockwise around the gap of the yoyo and pull. If it doesn’t come up, try wrapping the string twice and pulling. Hope this helps.