Follow HELP!!!

I can’t do it. The string wraps around my hand every rotation…

Hmm. It sounds like you’re constantly trying to whip the string instead of just guiding it with your hand. I could be wrong, though.

Think of it like your trying to do jade whip, but you bail half way through. And the string wants to desperately catch up to the yoyo, but you’re not gonna let it. Because that would be bad. Just keep pinching with the rhythm of the trick and whatever you do, don’t let the string catch up to the yoyo.

If you need anymore help just let me know.

Check rethinkyoyo on youtube. He has a great tutorial on it (and building up to three whips)

chek alexis jv! he has best tutorial IMO

I also can’t do this, same thing, string wraps around my hand.
I’ve watched AlexisJV, Kyle on Rethinkyoyo, and Brett on HiSpeedYoyo along with another video of a kid on youtube.

I kind of don’t understand the trying to catch up part… Could you please elaborate a little more?

Think of it like the slack is trying to catch up to the yoyo. But you don’t want it to so you’re going to move the yoyo away from the slack by flipping it over your hand. This is done by pinching the yoyo with your thumb, swinging the yoyo around your hand and releasing the pinch at just the right time.

Wash, rinse, repeat!

The video I found most helpful when learning Follow was one of Guy Wright, I’ll go find it when I get home.

Just do it over and over and OVER AND OVER. Follow is hard to learn for most people and just takes time.

I’m having the same problem…

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~

I think I’ve been doing the ‘block with your hand’ part too much too. Should I just try it without the hand?

I would say the block with your hand part is a good way to get the motion down. If you’re doing that a lot, that’s good. Then, yes. You want to do it without your hand.

Go for 1 rep without your hand, then build up to 2, and finally 3.

oki i’ll try that. sometimes i think i can do it, the problem though is that maybe i just got lucky or something…

More help?

maybe I’ll try to post a vid of me doing it, once i get ahold of some camera/videocam…

i sort of figured it out the motion of doing follow , that’s put your throwhand palm upward and then rotates it 180 degree depending on your throwhand is ( mine’s left so i’ll say to the right ) . Correct me if that theory is wrong . ::slight_smile:

Got it last night. All you gotta do, when your whippin the string while swinging the yoyo, is keep the both seperate. At 180 degrees. And make sure you keep the momentum going. Easy peasy lemon squeezy ")

this is maybe hard for you guys but i think that this may helps :

-Doing Jade Whip when the yoyo and the loop is even out between your hand , immidiately drop it and do it all over again but try to drop at when the yoyo and the loop is evenly between your hands

Kinda like this :