Follow yoyo trick


I need help on the follow trick.they’re not very much tutorials on it but I need help on to avoid the string landing into a wrist mount or sometimes when I will swing and whip again it will wrap in my hand? So I if you have any ideas on what I can do please tell me.


I, too, could use this help.

I watched a few people demonstrating it in-person (and they all felt it was a fairly easy trick, much to my utter disappointment and shame!) and they seemed to have the slack loop a little bit forward as well. I’ve tried that and I still suck, but take that information for what it’s worth. :wink:

The other thing they told me was hold onto the pinch longer than you think you have to.


Yotricks has a fairly good tutorial it’s what I learned from.

Also I had a similar problem when I was learning it all you need to do is to make sure the Yoyo has a really good rotation as the slack follows so basically you need to release right before the whip happens then pinch when you miss it. It’s hard to explain because it’s simple I concept but hard to do.


I understand how to pinch and release and pinch and release (it’s similar for Trapeze Follow, which I can do!)… it’s just that my slack is never following fast enough or something, and if it’s not slightly forward from the yoyo, it just gets fed into the gap and a wrist trapeze is the result. :wink:


ah okay I see what your doing your kind of stopping the motion of the roations causing that to happen it’s not an easy fix but can be done.



From your description it sounds like you need to have more of a horizontal aspect to your throw after you pinch. By moving your throw hand forward (Horizontal), you are insuring the string is more out front of the YoYo. So pinch, move your hand forward or to the Left (assuming your right handed) while holding the pinch, release and move your throw hand back to grab and re-pinch the string. Different string have different properties on how far they will continue to move forward after you release the pinch so I recommend you stick with the same type of string until you learn the trick. The type of string is really important, try using a more stiff string. I really prefer the Toxic BG1’s for preforming Follow.

It’s a really subtle trick, but not that difficult and it reminds me more of a juggling trick than a YoYo trick, but I have zero doubt you’ll get it considering your current skill level.
Just try to maintain the momentum at all times.

If I can do it, I can safely say that anyone can do it. :wink:

Hope that helps.


It helps stickman, and I appreciate your confidence. It’s one of those “knack” tricks that just escapes me. Trapeze Follow, no problem. Boing-e-Boing, no problem.

But this one has escaped me for about a year now. I don’t hammer at it, but I try it every now and then and I fail out and give up.

I agree it’s partly about the horizontal motion. I’ve seen other people do it and I think they have more horizontal movement than I do. But I worry that the horizontal movement is just making my slack “drag” behind my hand which is exacerbating the problem!

Part of it is also the pinch. The timing of the pinch is one thing, but just getting a solid pinch is proving to be another. I have large knuckles and lots of skin and soft tissue; the place where most people seem to pinch just allows the string to slide through. So I have to be super-precise or I don’t get a proper grab on the string and it slips.

These things are joining together to cause table-flipping rage. :wink:


I hear you.

Everyone has one of those spirit breaking tricks that defies logic that you can’t seem to land it.
For me it was the Yuuki Slack. I could not grasp that very first flip of the string from a trapeze !!
I’m ashamed to admit how long it took me to just get that first part of the trick, and while I can finally land it, it’s not pretty !!

I just refused to give up though, I knew
I could do it and was just psyching myself out.

Good Luck.