need help on follow!

i have bin trying to do the trick follow and after the first rotation i loose the slack and sugestions?

It is all about the timing of the release and pinch.
Pinch, whip, release, repeat.

Think of a clock face. (moving counter clockwise). I pinch at 2:00, whip to 11:00, and release.

Make sure you have perfect tension. Thicker string helps when learning it. (its much easier to grab)

okay thanks now also when i get the yoyo at 6:00 it stops do you know whats happening there?

I was reffering to the slack position, not yoyo position. The yoyo will be a the bottom of the clock when this happens. The next whip is what makes the yoyo go around.

Abby, I am sucking at Follow, too. Just wanted you to know you’re not alone. :wink: I like Alexis JV’s tutorial if you haven’t seen it (because he breaks down the “practice” steps, too), but I’m still not getting there.