I am having trouble with the trick follow. When ever I make my hand go around the yoyo, in circles, I pinch, release, pinch release. But, once I try to whip the string around the yoyo, the string is always wrapped around the middle of my hand. I have no clue what is happening. Any tips? Thanks!

i know what your talking about its happened a ton to me!

It is just one of those tricks that needs a good bit of practice. To learn it, all I did was just practice the motion, and the trick became easier. I got the wraps you are talking about too! They go away as you do follow more. Here is a good tutorial:

Hope this helps!

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You almost have to “slip” your fingers out of the way so the string doest wrap, as everyone has said, it comes with practice.

Its one of those tricks that cannot exactly be learned just by text and video, but learned through much practice.

Good luck!


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Try to do it one whip at a time and whip your hand. Make sure that when you whip your hand, you are sort of putting your hand at an angle, so that the string can slip off. Don’t just swing it around and hope it falls off your hand, you need to throw it off your hand. Remember to throw it off your hand.

Practice this one step at a time, whip, throw it off, catch, and do it again.

u got to make sure u catch and release