jade whip :'(

:’( I cannot get this trick. I have been trying for 2 days now, and i dont know whats going on. I watched the video on the site mulitple times but i just dont get it. My problem is that when i do the whipping motion i land it on the string the right way, but i end up in either a wrist whip or some random jumble of knots. I have only gotten the trick once correctly. Any tips or tricks to getting this down ?

thanks to all the people who help in advance :slight_smile:

Make sure the strings go around the half of the yoyo farthest from you, not the closest. Also, make sure your string tension is good. If it’s not, that’s probably why it’s got all sorts of random strings going about.

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thanks !! im starting to get it down pretty well now :slight_smile:

Pinch with your thumb and index finger the string that has to go to the gap.

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