Tips for "Follow"

UGH this trick is… a bad word.

Anyone have any tips/help on learning it? What did you do to accomplish it?

I just can’t seem to get it down.

It took me a while too. All I can say is,

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To be honest, I just sat down one day and said, “I’m learning follow today.”
I took a heavier feeling yoyo and just kept going very slow and steady. Eventually, I realized the timing of when to pinch the loop, and when to let go. I would stop the loop with my NTH and then unpinch, and go under the yoyo, pinch, and repeat. Over time I just worked up from one follow to two, to three, and so on. Try doing this.
Also, make sure you have perfect string tension. Every now and then tighten your string tension because doing follow from a breakaway loosens your string and makes it even harder to do.
This is a great tutorial that helped me out.

If I had to go back and learn Follow all over again I would try to vary string length, yoyo weight, and how close to the yoyo I was pinching the string (the closer, the faster the revolution, the farther, the slower). My guess is that, depending on the person, there will be a combo of weight/length/closeness of the pinch that will make getting the rhythm easy.

That, and just practice doing the Jade whip but instead of completing it, slap the loop of string on the back of your freehand, repeating this until the rhythm gets familiar enough to do the full Follow… EDIT… which is the same way to practice that the above tutorial shows (a good one!).

I’m having some trouble too. I can do it when I stop the whip with my NTH then re-whip again, basically doing follow but stalling. But when I take the NTH out of the equation I get my timing all wrong. I just gotta practice I think.

It’s all about when you let go and re-grab the string. If you do that at the right time everything else pretty much falls into place.