Need help on slack trapeze.

Hey guys, so I’m learning slack trapeze but I just cant get down how you land the yoyo back on a trapeze? I looked at every vid but I still dont get it.

Once you have whipped the slack into the gap of the yo-yo, hold your throwhand next to your
non-throwhand and roll the yo-yo counter clockwise. Make sure you keep your hands together as you
roll it. Hope I helped. Happy Throwing!

Have you looked at this video?

It helped me alot.

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Happy Throwing
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they already kinda said it but just make sure it goes above and around both of your hands

This is definitely the best video on slack trapeze I have seen.

However, I’m still having trouble and just not sure what it is happening. My string tension is fine and when tossing the loop, I hit about 70% of the time.

However, the problem is that the string is really awkwardly twisted once it is landed. It’s almost like I’m in a wrist mount with my non throw hand. Doing the roll over to a trapeze results in a very twisted trapeze.

I’ve hit this thing probably 200 times and only once or twice is the string not oddly knotted with the rest of the string.

I’ll keep practicing, but if anyone has advice I’d appreciate it.

Wow almost 7 months. Please don’t bring back old threads.

Hey, thanks for the help, it solved my problem ::slight_smile:

What is the logic behind not posting on old threads anyway? I find it quite strange and unlike any other forum I frequent

Woah, this was like the 2nd thread I made…good times. Anyways it kinda clutters the boards because the main reason the thread hasn’t had any replies is because the problem is solved or no one cares any more,

I don’t mind following the rules but it just doesn’t make sense to me. I search, I find a thread that speaks to my issue, so I respond to it asking another question. This is usually how forums work… except this one :slight_smile: the fact that I found it and posted means, for me, the problem isn’t solved and I do care :wink:

Just make a new thread and post the link of the old one and ask the problem.

Ok thread necro… Sorry guys… But… Can anyone help me? Why couldn’t my yoyo create a slack? The string tension is okay… But after the trapeze, the string starts to twist. Any ways to solve it? Or do I need a new string or whatsoever?

What do you mean after the trapeze?

Also, if you had read the topic, you would have known that it would have been easier on our part if you had just made a new thread, but whatever.

I’ve got this trick down now. Your string tension is very important. Second, keep the yoyo close to your hand. Third, the dropping of the yoyo is just as important as throwing the loop, so work on the timing.

Erm… It’s like… The way Andre Boulay showed in the tutorial in the learn section? Where he makes a trapeze mount and then dismounts and makes the slack? Yeah that part. After that the string tension is wrong. :frowning:

That’s generally what happens when you do tricks.

So i should just throw the yoyo, and create a slack straightaway instead of what Andre does? ???

Follow along with the other video posted in this thread. Do what Andre does, but just remember to keep the yoyo close to your hand, and the drop of the yoyo into the loop is just as important as the throw.

Alright thanks! ;D

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