Yuuki Slack Help


Recently I’ve been trying to tackle Yuuki Slack, but for some reason when I do the slack parts, the string on my freehand index finger ends up twisted. In the video, the string is totally untwisted. What am I doing wrong?




try holding the trapeze a different way, hold the loop in between the thumb and the index finger, it helped me learn. then when u get better try with the normal trapeze


Your string is too tight/loose, adjust your tension.


do you mean the part that your nth pinches? mine gets a little twisted, but it dosnt bother me… control comes with practice, and this isnt the easiest trick in the world… but if its the loop of slack, then its a tention problem and there are tricks for handling it…


yes i do


when the loop is around your finger the one that you pivot around with i guess i dont have it looped around my finger i like pinch the loop which doesnt allows the string the twist around my finger


That’s how it’s supposed to be done. Andre’s the only one I’ve seen who actually keeps the trapeze intact.


I wasn’t talking about string tension.

Thanks for clearing that up. I’m glad to know that I’m not doing it wrong, everyone’s loop gets twisted.


I thought you meant the actual slack.