xela's trick, Phyc genocide, need help!

I am having trouble with the slack he creates when he underpasses the wrist mount twice. i see he uses his trowhand thumb to pinch the string, but my loop always ends up bieng to small anyway? any suggestions?

If you post a video of the trick i might be able to help you.

oh, no prob!

sorry bout that!

Do you have perfect string tension? If so, when you first pinch the loop, make sure it’s between your hand and the last joint (segment? lol) of your thumb. (the part with the finger print, sorry if this is unclear). Then, when you actually start whiping the slace around, transition it to grabbing the slack with all four of your fingers. This should keep the slack nice and big. Sorry if I misunderstood your problem. If this fails to work just pinch harder? Or mabey practice tricks like slack trapeeze and look at how you pinch string. Sorry if this wasn’t what you asked.

Heres what i’d do. I’d try to keep the yoyo more towards your NTH side. Make sure you string tension is perfect (i find new strings are the best for learning slack tricks). And really sqeeze the string with both hands to keep the slack big. Really watch were his yoyo is realtive to his NTH and TH.
Let me know if this helps.

well, what is happing to me is when you double the string and yoyo on the string and trow the slack over the hand and undu onto the wrist mount, the string shortens itself, but i’ll try sticking my fingers in to make the loop wider for sure!

Well now that I know wich part this makes it a little easier. Personally I have no problem with this. I just pinch the string with my thumb and the loop stays. Let me know if this helps.