string tension on slack tricks

hi all, im trying out some slack tricks and so far my biggest problem is the string tension.
i try to make sure the string tension is not too tight or too loose before a throw, but after a simple combo, the string tension seems to be wound up again, and when i go for a slack, the loop is all twisted. what’s up with that? how do i maintain the string tension without it winding up on me?

string age also affects string tension, reember to change your strings regulary, also your string tension will be effected by the type of combo you do, front style tricks tighten tension while tricks from a breakaway will losen tension.

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Every time your yoyo makes a full circle around your throwhand (or your throwhand makes a full circle around your yoyo), the string gets wound. Clockwise circles tighten it, counter-clockwise circles loosen it. Balance your clockwise and counter-clockwise circles and see if that helps.

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cheers chaps ill give that a go