Problems with string tension?

Hey everyone!

I seem to be having some problems with string tension.
I’ve been throwing for a some time now; I finished all the tricks here on yoyoexpert a long time ago and learned any others I could get my hands on. Over time, I’ve noticed that every couple of throws my string tension gets seriously messed up and after observing several other players, it seems that this problem with tension isn’t as apparent. The string gets ‘really’ twisted, as in about ten loops when I slacken it. I have to loosen the tension every four or five throws to get some decent slack. Any suggestions as to what’s wrong? Is it my throw? The string? My tricks? Any help is appreciated ;D

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Some strings are going to be affected more than others, but they are ALL affected. Lately it doesn’t matter which string I use, if there are slacks involved it’s like, adjust before EVERY throw. I can’t imagine there’s any way around this but if there’s a superstring out there that makes it more manageable, I’m also all ears. :wink:

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It’s a natural occurrence. Every time you throw you introduce twist into the string.

Read this:

Well you could always get a fishing swivel and cut the loop off your string, tie the other end of the loop around one of the ends of the swivel and tie the cut string to the other. Not sure how well it would work and i imagine that someone would have tried this in the past.

I always thought about doing this. Can anyone post some results?

Y’know? I’m just curious enough to give this a go. :wink: More than anything, I anticipate that before long you will be doing a trick and realize “man, that contraption sure gets in the way.”

But I’mma try it anyhow. For the giggles of it all.

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Fishing swivels have been suggested and tried numerous times over the years. The idea never really seems to come to fruition and dies off. It periodically resurfaces from time to time.

But go for it. Maybe you will be able to make it a main stream item.

Here’s a thread:,51729

No point waiting for me to post my results, though if he’s been using it since last year’s BAC maybe it has staying power for some people.

I’m even more inclined to give’er a given’er after seeing those videos. If nothing else, it will scratch my “farting around with stuff that’s not strictly necessary” itch.

Saw that. My comment stands.

No doubt. Was only referring back to my own previous statement that I would give it a try; if anyone was waiting for me to come back with results, they needn’t do so since someone else just posted a video. :wink:

Thanks for the help guys!
I didn’t find the fishing swivel to be too feasible though… The mechanism is, as you pointed out, uncomfortable and i think it would get in the way of complex and delicate tricks.
I’m just gonna keep adjusting after every throw; well at least for slack tricks :stuck_out_tongue:
Good throwing! :smiley: