I have searched before - String Tension Help


Hey guys, I’ve been looking for a solution for this for a long time.

What’s been happening to me is that I can’t get a good string tension, so when I try to do tricks like a suicide or a whip, the string twists. Obviously, the solution is to fix the string tension, right? Of course. So I adjust the string tension in a variety of methods that I see on the internet, including youtube and forums. So now, when I hold the string slack, it doesn’t bunch up. Then, when I try to throw, I’m either able to do like one suicide before the string starts twisting again, or the string twists anyways, even with the fixed tension. I’ve tried a few different types of strings, so it’s not the string, and I even just got a new throw. I don’t think me being lefty makes a difference at all. Can anyone shed light on this?

Thanks, Andrew


Before you go to throw, are you winding up the string by hand? Of you are doing this, unwanted tension will be added to the string. Also, every throw, your string becomes a half twist looser I believe since you are a lefty. Righties string gets tighter. If you check right before you throw the suicide, and it is good, then throw the suicide and it is bad, I do not know what is wrong then.


I recommend learning to adjust string on your own, it’s one of the fundamentals of yo-yoing but one solution is to tie in a small fishing swivel towards the finger end of your string. It takes some getting used to but you’ll never have o adjust tension again. If you’re not good with knots be careful. A hard throw could send your yo-yo onto some concrete if you don’t tie it very well. I use this method when I’m using boutique string like toxic or g-string to make it last longer.


I can’t wait until you show me how to do this!!!


It was by no means my idea. People were doing it for 2a a long time ago. Here’s a video that explains it fairly well:

He recommends knotting it a bunch. In my opinion his set up looks a little cumbersome. I’ve found one overhand knot has held mine well but it depends on how well you tie knots I guess. I’ll show you in person how I do it at the meet on the 8th.


A fishing swivel seems kind of inconvenient, annd I don’t see many pros doing it, and I want to find a clear solution :3 I also thumbstart my yoyo. Thanks for the advice though guys!


Umm Jebido (drew) is a pro 8)


He’s right though, it’s not used by many sponsored players. It’s not used by many players at all because adjusting string is so simple and adding a swivel is so cumbersome. I just thought I would suggest it if OP is having that much trouble.

Strings don’t keep tension very well after they’re used. Do you have the same problems with new string?


Lol I just wanted to point it out … Not being helpful.

Use toxic markmont… They are like the Krispy kreme of donuts for me !! But yea I agree string tension isn’t a big deal.

Plus toxic will help you with whips n suicides.


do a big-o lariat and just let it hang there. should keep you set for a long time.