How do you keep the string from twisting, e.g. for suicides


I am a beginner and e.g. when doing suicides my string loop twists so easily/often/fast that landing it is mostly luck. I am aware of managing your string tension using “the UFO stuff” but it doesn’t seem to help me much. It seems like newer strings don’t have this problem as much. I am wondering, is there more to it than just taking a new string for every suicide/slack? Any tips?


Wait, you’re a beginner learning suicide? Weird.

Make sure to replace your strings often. Older strings lose their tension quickly. Newer strings are better for whips and slacks. Yeah.

Thanks for your response! Okay :slight_smile: To be a little more precise, I played like a decade ago and was able to do “advanced level stuff” as defined by the YYE tricks section. And I started a week ago relearning a lot of stuff :slight_smile:

Well welcome back!

As for string tension just make sure it’s just right. There’s a different trick for getting the tension just the way you want it that I think is easier. Here’s a video for it.

Ahh, that makes more sense. And welcome back! And your welcome. Yeah.

Hi Guys,

I need a little information here. So. String tension? What is it? how to fix it? my yoyo string gets all twisted and when Andre does slack tricks, his strings just say apart, but mine intertwine together. I just really cant bind well and cant whip well when my strings keep twisting together!!

It is very frustrating when my strings don’t let me bind well…


Well, if you watch enough of the videos you’ll notice that Andre repeatedly adjusts his string tension without even thinking about it. He usually does a sidewinder, and he does have a tutorial on it in the intermediate section. UFO also works. And sometimes, I’ll just drop the yoyo down the string and spin it quickly with my other hand. Tension will always occur in the same direction so you get to know which way and how hard to spin.

But, tension increases every time you throw the yoyo, so there’s no getting around it. You’ll just have to find a way to deal with it.

Thanks for the video. I like it very much. After an UFO I find it very hard to consistently bind again. This is much easier and more controllable!