string tension

Hello. Im a pretty beginner yoyoer, I have the onedrop rally and i use the kitty strings, im left handed and one thing i noticed is a big problem with string tension, even when i release the tension (let the string spin while i hold the yoyo and rob my hand at it few times) its still twisting together, and after one throw its pretty much messed up…
What can i do?

Attach a swivel.

i didn’t really understand what you mean, can you explain yourself better please?,59524.0.html

After the string gets old the tension starts getting worse and worse. Change your string more often.

I happens even with prety new strings.
And for the swivel thing, i don’t really hve the equipment to do it or a place to buy it. and i didn’t really understand how it works…

They make special left handed strings. Search it on the shop.

will the left handed strings not twist like those? so i just ordered these 100 string for nothing?

Get type x inverse its for leftys

The 100 strings you ordered should be fine. I throw a little 3A and string tension is just as bad on that as it is with my right hand. It just twists a different way. This is what I do to adjust tension:

It’s a righty video, but it’s not too hard to figure out. It may take a bit of practice, but once you learn it, adjusting your strings is so much easier.

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When i tried to do that on my g funk it just tilted theb died.

If you order left handed string, the tension will tighten instead of loosen, essentially causing similar problems. The string should be fine. You don’t need to order any of these left handed strings, unless you absolutely want to.

This will only make it worse. When you are a righty, the string tightens after each throw. When you are a lefty, the string loosens after each throw. The technique shown in this video loosens the string, which is good if you are a righty, but is bad if you’re a lefty. What you want to do is tighten the string. When you have the yoyo spin on the end of the string to help the tension, make sure it is spinning clockwise, not counter clockwise. Remember: righty tighty, leftey loosey.

So you have to tighten your string instead of loosening it. There are a few tricks that will do this. One is UFO, which you probably know, but it can be tricky to bind after a UFO. If you find you can’t bind, just let the yoyo spin like that for a little while. You could also try to use a swivel a little later, as they are “$1.26 for a 12 pack at walmart”.

tl;dr version:
playing righty tightens the string, and playing lefty loosens the string. Find a trick online that you like to LOOSEN the string not tighten it.

I use this technique to adjust my string tension. It just takes practice. I also find it easier to do from a front mount (the one you use to bind) instead of a back mount. Change how far the finger to the side of the yoyo is. Also, the length that your finger is at varies depending on the size of your yoyo.

Not if you’re doing it the right way on you’re left hand. You’ll be doing it the opposite way of you’re right hand, so it will be tightening it.

I even just did it a couple of times left handed and it did tighten. If you don’t want to take my word for it, go try it out.

All you need to do is when it gets real bad is take it off you finger and run your fingers down the string with pressure to get the string at a decent tension. (this is what I have learned from the past as the lefty and my dad)