Slack Tricks, need help!

Hey, I have been working on slack tricks for a while, and I need some help…

I have been yoyoing for a month so far and I am on expert string tricks, my only problem is I feel that I constantly have to change my string tension( and when I say constantly, I don’t mean every trick, I mean that I am changing my tension every one out of two throws.

If its not my tension, than I’m wondering if its how I throw my slack, if so…

Need Help!



I find the trick with slack tricks is to just keep a close eye on what’s happening with any slack loops you’re forming. If you can see where you’re missing you can make the necessary corrections.


Having to test your string tension after every couple of throws is pretty standard. I fix mine quickly after almost every throw just out of habit, and it makes slacks much easier when your string isn’t all twisted.

as Dizzavis said, check it after every throw.

Unless you mess up some sort of rejection or horizontal trick, you shouldn’t have much tension to fix after each throw so it only takes a second or two between tricks.

Throw a front style sleeper, pinch the string ~5 inches above the yoyo, put your hands together and if the string forms a nice loop without any twists, you’re good to go. If it does form twists, look at the way it is twisting and spin your throw hand and the string around the opposite way from the twist.

There are ways where you pop the yoyo to the side of your hand opposite to the way the string twists but I just can’t seem to do that.

Give it a go and once you get familiar with a technique it will just become second nature and take two seconds out of your practicing time.

Sometimes you have to break in string too. When im using new string it always bunches up, but after a while it wont get twisted anymore.

Practice using different tech when throwing the slack, and experiment with it!