Yuuki slack part 2

Whten I do the second part of the yuuki slack, the string just ends up wrapping around my finger. also after that the string that is supposed to come off and go around ends up not going around. how can I fix this??? ??? ???

throw the string a bit with your throwhand. it helps

I know this doesn’t help but

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Lol same i cant seem to do the first step in part 2 haha my yoyo just keeps bouncing off. Im guessing its just practice but if im doing anything wrong plz tell me. :smiley:

Im able to get through the trick now but, when I finish the middle finger swing, the string ends up twisted and I have to un twist it.How do I fix this?

(sorry for the necro, but according to the rules of Elephark, it isnt a necro)

it always does that. once you reverse it with the next step, itll untwist.