Yuuki Slack???

Does anyone have any advise on the trick Yuuki Slack? I can only get into the double or nothing, but nothing after that, help?

Whats the problem? Are you having trouble swinging the yoyo around, catching the slack, or what? ???

i think he has trouble creating the slack. i too have the same problem.

Same here.

make sure there is no string twist and to pinch the string tight

  1. After double or nothing, keep the pinch and pop off of the double or nothing.F
  2. From there, do a type of mini undermount in your NTH while releasing the string on you TH.  do two revolutions and catch the slack. the yoyo should be hanging. F
  3. From there jump onto the string and reapeat tjhe previous step with also two revolutions. Repeat or dismount
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