Help with Yuuki Slack

I’m having trouble after the modified Double-or-Nothing where I have to hit the string on the first go around. I can’t seem to have the yoyo and the string aligned for some reason and none of the videos tackle this issue

What am I doing wrong? I’m just hitting air when I try to do a rotation

Hard to tell what the problem is without a video, but I would recommend that when you go for the rotation, make sure you are staying in the plane of the spin of the yoyo. Then watch the videos closely, see which string you need to hit, and make sure it’s in the path of your rotation.

Its all about the pinch
I can add a quick tut if you’d like


I’m not the OP, but I’ve never been able to do Yuuki Slack and I wouldn’t mind a quick tutorial.


I’ll film one within an hour! :slight_smile:
it’s one of my favorite tricks


Well I was gonna post the grawrd tutorial for this (it’s how I learned) but the site is gone! What a bummer. That was one of my favorite trick sites. :frowning:

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Ehhh it’s not the best but I hope it helps

Some points I missed:

  1. I would practice this trick with longer string (not that it can’t be done with short string, it just gives you more wiggle room)
  2. Loosening the taughtness of the string before the yoyo comes into contact with it is important, if you don’t, the slack will not be able to revolve!

If there are any other nuances I glazed over just let me know and I can refilm :slight_smile:


That was great. Thanks a lot man!

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oof that’s good to hear, good luck :slight_smile:

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@Damb, I finally got around to giving it a try based on your video and tips. Landed it first try, 4 or 5 repetitions :joy: After so long, all I needed was a proper Damb tutorial.



It was a very good tutorial.


@ryanmcg @stevejspins It warms my heart that my shotty tutorial actually helped someone out! I’m really happy to hear that it worked out for ya’ll :slight_smile:

I’d love to see a trick video!!

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