Need help on yuuki slack


Really guys ive been trying to learn this junk forever, just cant get the spinny part :frowning:

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~


ill film a slo mo tutorial for you tomorrow
ill show it from a 1st person view

hmm spinny part pinch on trapeze move hands closer together and make sircular motion with throw hand



Yeah I would appreciate a really slow in depth tut on this trick as well.

Here is my progress in the trick.

Land in trap, pinch the string, create some slack, loop the yo around throw-hand wrist landing in the modified “yuuki double or nothing”. From there things get sketchy for me…

I pop the yo out of double or nothing and do the circular twist to make it spin back up into the slack and create the second big fancy slack loop. I can do the loop but I havent managed to stab my wrist into that loop…to get my self set up for the next yuuki loop…


I learned it from this video. It’s different than the way Andre teaches it in his tut. This method keeps the original pinch the whole time.


vido will be up by tomorrow at noon sorry been a lil busy


No worries broseph, im busy aswell lol