Did I invent a new yoyo trick? Double or Nothing via Whip?

Okay, so I hope I made a yoyo trick because I’ve never done that up until this point. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it on film or something. But here’s an explanation. It’s kind of a slick way of getting into a Double or Nothing (of the Yuuki Slack variety, where the string is around your wrist).


  1. Go into trapeze
  2. Pinch string with NTH (leaving lots of string for a whip)
  3. With your TH, whip string over your wrist (like in Paul Han GT or Green Triangle trapeze whip)
  4. Catch slack with your TH index finger as it goes over your forearm

5. Hop yoyo onto string for Double or Nothing

So, the goal here is to do Part 2 just as you whip the string to make it look more smooth.

I know it’s not particularly complicated, but I was pretty proud of myself because it’s only been a bit more than a year since I started… So is this one an old trick? Has it been claimed? Thanks!

It sounds like you described a part of the Yuuki Slack…

I don’t think it is new…I have never seen a tut for it, but I have met several throwers who do this trick and I do it as well.

There’s a video for that on HighSpeedYoyo.

I’m not sure. In fact, I was just about to post this same trick so I know what you mean.

I don’t think it’s Yuuki Slack because the Yuuki Slack movement doesn’t whip around your wrist (actually it doesn’t whip at all, it’s just a slack.)  I could make a video if you want.  ???

That would help.

Make a vid.


Here it is. The slack kinda got caught on my TH middle finger, but my GF was just about to go to bed and I was too afraid to ask her to do another take haha. But this is the main idea.

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Wow, that’s actually really impressive!

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Yeah I like that.

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Haha lol. That really was exactly the same as I thought of. By the way sorry for those expecting a video from me. I fell asleep because it was like 11 o’clock according to my local time and I had school this morning.

That was sick! I’ll have to learn that.

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Make a tutorial video. I want to learn that trick! It is an awesome trick.

Do a tutorial that was Amazing!

Ok I forgot what a tutorial was lol. Btw if you just read the description a the top and look at the video then you’ll pretty much get it but I will make a video anyway. Except it will take a while (about a couple of months.)


I forgot to say that this trick will probably be in one of my upcoming vids for YouTube which I’m working towards. In the meantime, don’t expect anything else and try and focus on other tricks.


I shouldn’t have posted here. Sorry just realized this thread has been inactive for like a couple of months.