Double or nothing laceration tutorial

Does anyone have one. I looked it up on YouTube and thereisntone. But I know you can do it because jk does it in his one minute freestyle. Please help

just go to expert village in youtube. Expert Village tutorials on yoyo’s are so good that I became Beggienr -advanced in a week. Now, I’m in advanced-expert-master.
If you have trouble finding a double or nothing tutorial, type this in youtube,

double or nothing yoyo trick

the first result is the one you’ll need.
Have fun playing! :slight_smile:

It’s in the learn section… Not hard to find.

I’m sorry I meant double or nothing laceration oops sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Like, slack double or nothing?

hey!! i have one@!!
it’s a slack double or nothing

No that’s not it I can do that. Look at jensen kimmitts 1 minute freestyle its the first trick he does

its not a laceration its not even double or nothin its his own made up trick

No that’s definitely a double or nothing and it is a laceration because he whips into it

thats like 6 tricks into the whole thing man dont say its the first trick if your definatly know it is and it is not a double or nothin wip if you actually watch it closly and it is his own trick it would be hard to replicate it

Ok no need to get angry in. This video the first thing he does is a whip the whip ends him in a double or nothing and I want to know how to do that.

Yeah he’s right. Sorry, I have no idea how to do that.

whoops, seems like its a trick with no tut…

I can possibly show you how to do it.

It is a double or nothing actually.

What he is doing is a houdini whip onto his NTH (non-throwhand) pointer finger while under cutting the yoyo making a trapeze to form the double or nothing.

Hopefully you got the slightest idea from that.


Mach 5 whip over your no throw hand finger, stick the finger through the loop, then sorta cherry-pick the string from under the yoyo and land it the string.

I happen to do this all the time :wink: . Lots of fun.

I keep doing that while doing 1.5 mount hook…the slack goes around your NTH and one side of the string slips off, the yoyo lands on one of the strings (Not sure which one) and you’re in a double or nothing with a twist at the second trapeze.

Oh yeah, and I landed a double double or nothing laceration first try. ;D

First off: Sorry to double post, but I thought this deserved it’s own post.

I figured out how to do the trick.

Try doing a hidemasa hook, but make the string whip way around your NTH, and catch the loop with your TH index finger. Also, when you do the hidemasa hook, throw the yoyo higher than a normal hook. When the loop catches on your finger, if the yoyo was thrown high enough the yoyo will land on the string farthest away from you. Tadaa, you’re in a double or nothing. ;D


This trick is easier when you try a double. You naturally throw the yoyo higher in the air, and the string has more momentum to whip around your NTH onto your TH index.

EDIT: It’s not the same trick Jensen did, but it is similar and it still gets you in double or nothing from a whip.