Double or Nothing help


I recently started yoyoing a few weeks ago and was stuck on the man on the flying trapeze until i bought 2 new butterfly shaped yoyos 3 days ago. Now, im stuck upon the trick double or nothing. I can do it sometimes but it’s more by luck, not skill. I can get the man on the flying trapeze about 9/10 times now but i rarely land the double or nothing. I’m having trouble with the landing. I usually land the yoyo on the wrong string and sometimes miss completely. How do I get my yoyo to land on the right part, the outer string? It’s a little hard to explain but i hope u understand what i mean. Btw, I use the yomega hyper warp heavy wing and yoyofactory ONE. Thanks!


Like most yoyo tricks, it’s a matter of practice. Try breaking it down into smaller parts. Land a trapeze. Then hop it off to the right and over your throwhand pointer. Adjust the length of the string by moving your hands closer/further from each other. It’s just like the trapeze in that you want to have as little string swinging around the finger as possible but enough so that it does swing around. Might also help to slide that first loop on your non-throwhand pointer down as close to the base of your finger as possible and land the double or nothing trapeze closer to the fingernail end of it. Once you’ve found a comfortable length, go a little faster each time until it’s all one smooth motion.

Hope that made some sense. Good luck!



Thanks! I’ll work on that… Earlier i was thinking about whether i should post this question or not cuz people are asking for help for tricks that are alot more advanced, even the ladder escape(which in my opinion, is easily the hardest trick shown on this site :stuck_out_tongue: ) and Im having trouble on double or nothing :stuck_out_tongue: But i understand double or nothing helps with some more advanced tricks :slight_smile:


Everyone starts somewhere :slight_smile: and as yuki says it’s just a matter of practice. One thing I found helpful was to just get the motion down, Just throw the yoyo like normal and let it spin around your fingers into the double or nothing formation but don’t worry about landing it just make sure the yoyo has enough string once you’re in the formation. Once you’re comfortable with how that feels, then you can work on accuracy.


never ever curl your fingers as if to pinch the string. it will mess up your aim.

throw straighter and don’t unnecessarily move your throw hand.


you could try Houdini Mount to pratice spacing between fingers . Exactly the same except you start out using your thumb instead of your index nth


So i tried out the houdini mount and it helped with my control when i do double or nothing :slight_smile: I can do it more frequently now, but im still not getting it most of the time… Usually, when i do double or nothing i land on the 2 outer strings. When I get it right the yoyo lands a little sideways, or the landing causes the string to pop off and fall of my finger or something like that. Im getting better though, thanks for the tips guys, they helped me out : ;D


Keep at it, man. Sounds like you’re heading in the right direction =)