double or nothing help

hi im pretty new to this stuff and i am trying to learn double or nothing. i can do all the intermediate tricks but that one and drop in the bucket. i just cant seem to ever land it on the string. always misses all the strings or lands on 2. any tips?

isnt your fav trick and whut? doesnt it require a houdini mount its almost like a double or nothing. well space the string out on your fingers to help that problem

When the string goes around your finger the first time, keep that string close to your hand. When it goes around the second time, try to make it wrap around your finger somewhere between your last two knuckles. String spacing is important. Also, when you catch the yoyo on the string, try to land it close to your left hand. It’s way easier to control like that.

@BuddhaFusion: Favorite trick is an ambiguous category. It’s never specified that you have to be able to do it.

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what helped me was spacing it out. What i mean is get it around your fingers and space it so you have enough string to barely go around then swing it on. Also for some reason practicing trapeze and trapeze and bro helped me

Good luck

I separate this trick into three parts (assuming you’re a right hander):
THE FIRST WRAP - after your breakaway throw the yo-yo goes around your left finger
THE SECOND WRAP - the yo-yo continues to wrap around your right finger
THE THIRD WRAP - the yo-yo goes around your left finger for the second time and lands on the outer string

It’s helpful that you practice getting string placement down VERY WELL.
Start with a dead yo-yo and work on string placement.
Here are my personal preferences where the string should go when doing the double or nothing. Take note that every yo-yoer has his or her own way of placing the string where it feels comfortable. If my preference doesn’t work well for you, mess around with placement until you find a position that feels the most comfortable to YOU.

As your yo-yo goes around your left finger, the wrap should be the closest possible to your knuckle/the lower part of your finger.
As your yo-yo goes around your right finger, the wrap should be around the middle of your finger/the middle knuckle.
Your yo-yo will now do its last wrap around your left finger and land on the outer string. It’s imperative that the final wrap be far away from the second/first wraps so that your yo-yo only lands on the outer string. The wrap should be a little under your nail or at your top knuckle of the finger.

Note that your strings will be in a zig-zag “Z” pattern. It’s important that you do this so that the strings will not overlap and possibly increase the chances of the yo-yo landing on multiple strings.

Most of the time these wraps will not be very exact. It’s not important that the wraps land in the EXACT spots above. It’s good to attempt to space out the wraps if possible, but the wraps can be closer together. Again, this is all about preference. When I do Double or Nothings nowadays, I find that my strings tend to slide closer together around the middle knuckle, but there is still ample space to land the double or nothing.

When I practiced Double or Nothing, I practiced in two parts:

THE FIRST PART is the first two wraps. I call this the BASE of the trick because it’s super important that you get this down. If the base isn’t well placed, it will most likely cause trouble with the second part and cause you to land the yo-yo on multiple strings.

The SECOND PART is the final wrap and landing of the string. This will be easy provided that you have done the first part well.

When you practice, try stopping in between the first and second parts. Get a good base down, pause, and then swing the yo-yo onto the outer string. Once you have this down you can do both parts in a fluid motion.

To practice landing the yo-yo on the outer string (the third wrap), do the first two wraps. You’ll find that the yo-yo is hanging under your right finger. Now swing the yo-yo over your left finger and land it on the string. Shoot it out (like you would with a trapeze) and repeat. The third wrap is pretty much a mini-trapeze. This is a good way to practice.

If you have any questions, just ask away! I tried my best to be clear and concise but it’s kind of hard to do that in text.

Keep throwin’!


Base, base, tip.

First wrap around the base of your freehand pointer.
Second wrap around the base of your throwhand pointer.
Last wrap around the tip of your freehand pointer.

That’s all there is to it.

A lot of this is just based around practice, but I know you must get told that left and right. What you want to do is have that first wrap go over one part of your finger. That first wrap is the most important one because it determines if your going to land the yoyo on both wraps or if your going to land it right. As the yoyo is coming around again let it wrap around the front part of your pointer finger. From there it’s like trying to land a trapeze, try to get it close to the yoyo. What helped me a lot on this trick was doing the first wrap and letting the yoyo fall from there, so I have the first wrap already done. Then, since you already have the first part done and the yoyo is spinning there already, practice swinging it into double or nothing.

I talked to him about it, he doesn’t know how to do it but he likes the trick ^^

I cheat when I tried to learn double or nothing, I spaced it out with my middle finger.

There are also some vids (youtube search or google search) out there on how to go from a trapeze to a double or nothing. If going straight to double or nothing is giving you problems, you may want to try the trapeze to double to see if you have more success with that approach.

Also, if you’re in an area near where a yoyo club gets together (check the Yo-Yo contests, Clubs, and Events section of the forum:,4.0.html ), try and get to one of the meetings/jam sessions, so that maybe some more advanced players can watch how you’re trying and give you some pointers.

haha. thanks guys. im startin to get it. its kinda funny actualy cause i can do tons of harder tricks like spirit bomb and im just starting to get this one.

A week and you already have spirit bomb? Wow!

yeah. i actualy found that trick kinda easy. my 3rd trick XD

I call shenanigans!

So do I. Video or it didn’t happen 8)