help with double or nothing :(


Hey guys,

Just starting to try to do double or nothing. I’m having a lot of trouble tho. always, ALWAYS i never get it on the right string, always all or none. Is there any way to make it easier to land on the right string?

…why do i feel so stupid?


try to spacing out the string between your fingers and try to land the yoyo right next to your nth index finger. Key word is still practice


Try learning Houdini Mount first. Almost the same except where the first loop goes. Very easy to keep only one string as the target. Once you’ve landed that a few times, try Double or Nothing with the first loop down very far on your finger.


Please don’t feel stupid. String placement (and spacing) on your finger is critical to this trick. Just keep trying, it’s not really easy but it’s not too hard either. :slight_smile:


this one needs some practice. Don’t get yourself discouraged, don’t give up. When you get frustrated, rest and stop for a while.

Basically string placement is REAL critical in Double or Nothing. Try to get the string on your throw hand as far inside to your index finger as possible. Remember, practice makes perfect. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Also don’t blindly practice too. Look through your mistakes and bear them in mind. try again with more cautious. Once you get it, hallelujah ! You can advance to more complicated string tricks then :smiley:


Hey you. Practice. This trick caused me to quit yoyoing altogether! Trust me I know how difficult it can be. Don’t be stupid like me and practice until you get it! It will be the simplest trick. You’ll be able to do it eyes closed behind the back if you just practice it more


The guy who taught me told me that pointing your left hand index at an angle helps you hit the last string a little more easily. I never found that useful, but maybe it’ll help you. And don’t feel stupid: It took me forever just to learn to throw straight, never mind hit double or nothing. So don’t worry about it and just keep practicing! Pretty soon it’ll become second nature.


Thanks a lot. ;D You guys are awesome. I realized it was because all of the strings were really close together. But now I’m getting it. Thanks again! Oh, wat’s a houdini mount?


my I present the Houdini mount

(this isn’t me I’m just presenting it)


The Houdini Mount is basically how I learned to do it. Its tough, so don’t get down on yourself, it will click one day. I ended up getting mad about landing on all the strings and doing a Houdini mount on accident to kind of “cheat” my way onto the right string by giving myself some more space. Eventually, I didn’t have to cheat anymore once you get a little more comfortable. Make sure you have a really strong breakaway that doesn’t turn or twist on the plane, you want it to be nice and straight. Other than that, just keep throwing! use your thumb to make some space until you get hang of where its supposed to be and you’ll eventually be able to just use your index finger.