Double or Nothing

I guess I could say that I am a bit stuck on Double or Nothing as I’m coming up with a lot of Nothings … or landing on all three strings … I’m sure I’m where I’m supposed to be as I just started this trick … but boy it can feel like “I’ll never get this” when starting something new … Anyone else have a Double or Nothing experience?

The idea with double or nothing is to keep the string at the base of your index fingers for the first 2 passes, then hook the yoyo on the end of your finger on the last. The string separation should be enough to not hit all strings. It helps to practice the motion without the yoyo spinning to get the feel.

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Maybe it would help to learn the Houdini mount first. Same as a double or nothing, but the first pass on the non yoyo hand is over the thumb. Could help to separate the strings while still practicing the landing.


one tip would be try to catch the yoyo close to your finger so there’s less room for the yoyo to miss,And like what Addicted2Sleeping was saying try to get the string on the first pass back far enough so you can kind of “hook” it with your thumb to pull it out of the way,hope that helps.

Can also try rolling to double or nothing from trapeze to get a feel for the strings shifting with the weight of the yoyo. Can also practice going to triple from there.


This is what I did, and it makes a world of difference.

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Thanks to everyone and @andy569 for the tips … After lots of practice this afternoon I managed to nail one:


keep practicing that, and you’ll be ready to go to triple or nothing in no time!


There are a lot of great tips in the previous posts. This might also help at :35 seconds you can see the layout of the strings. These are with responsive throws but the concept is the same. Best wishes with the trick!

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