Help with the Double or Nothing

This may sound kind of lame because im working on the advanced section, but I cant seem to land the double or nothing. I dismissed it in the intermediate section, and am having trouble learning some of the other advanced tricks (Kwijibo, The Zipper.) I understand not all tricks require this, but it seems the ones that I should learn first (The Matrix, Rewind) and the really sweet tricks (Dr.Strange, Coldfusion) require a double or nothing.

Onto my problem. Usually when I am trying to perform this trick I stop before the final wrap around the finger. When I do this I get the yoyo swinging a little and then have the string hit my finger. My main problem is that it either lands on the wrong string or two strings, or it just swings off to the side, missing all the strings. Does anyone know any tips? Also if there is another way to get into the Double or Nothing that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot.

Try spacing the strings out a little when they are wrapped around your fingers… then just do a mini trapeeze.

Hope this helped a little, if not please let me know specifically what you need help with. ;D

ya i had the same problem at first. try wat nerd said.

Just like yoyonerd said try spacing out the strings when they are on your finger. Also just like trapeze try and land the yoyo on the string as close to your finger as possible.

And PRACTICE really helps to. You will eventually get it. It took me a while to learn.

personally, i found it to be more convenient to pull the string in a little with your nth thumb right after the first wrap. it gives more control to your nth index.
not sure this works for alot of ppl though…

if you can do a houdini mount (catch it with your thumb first then do a double or nothing)
that helped me whan i was first learning then i tryed a regular double or nothing and got it

thanks so much guys, im getting better!!! im gonna try for another hour or so and get back to you guys. great help!

ive landed it a couple times. what i find the easiest way to do it is to get the yoyo swinging and use the momentum to get it to go around your finger, not to push your finger into it. thanks guys.

one thing real quick ;D

you can just go into a trapeze start to go into a lindy loop but miss on the side that is farther away from you.

then you can just do an undercut with your throw hand.

this helped my sister

also I would defiantly learn how to go strait into a double or nothing like the other guys said :slight_smile:

practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice

Well, Im very pleased to say that I can now do the double or nothing. I have landed it 3 times in a row from a breakaway all in one motion and am getting much more consistent. Also 50-60 % of the time I can land it while i stop after the first wrap, before the final wrap around the finger. Overall, i am nearly ready for learning The Matrix, Rewind, Dr.Strange and Cold Fusion. Thanks again!

great ;D

keep up the good work and practice and practice and practice some more :wink: