Double or Nothing.


This is going to sound really nooby, but im having problems with my double or nothing. Im always landing it on two strings. The yoyo im using is a legacy, and ive been practicing a lot, but i still cant land it consistently. I can do all the other intermediate tricks fine. Does anyone have any tips?

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When I had trouble learning Double or Nothing, I put the string that the yoyo was suppose to land on farthest away from the other strings( I hope that made sense) and you just have to do it real slow at first then you can speed it up.


I definetly spent a lot of time on this trick. I remember searching of ways to do it on this forum. Try landing the last string around as close to the tip of your non-throwhand pointer as possible and the other two strings around close to your hand. this will give the yoyo more room to land on the string it is supposed to land on. Just do it slow, and eventually you will get it every time. Hope I helped!


only advise i can give you is to put space between the strings on your finger. hmm, what i mean is make the strings progress away from you so that thiers space between the strings, and it will be easier to land on one string. understand?



Throw a breakaway, bring the string around the back of your finger (Over your finger but closer to your hand). Bring it over your throwhand pointer finger and let it hand there. Swing the yo-yo towards your non-throwhand and bring it around the tip of your pointer finger where the previous loop by the bottom of your finger was. Then, simply land it on the string.

Keep it slow, don’t race through it, it took me weeks to learn it.


I actually learned double or nothing by doing a Houdini Mount. It allows you to free up your nonthrow index finger keeping string wraps away from the yoyo. I then went back and learned traditional D or N.


Throw a reeeeeaaaaaal slow Breakaway, and after the string loops around both fingers, measure the leftover string. Make the leftover string about the same length as the other two strings, and loop the last string over your non-throwhand pointer finger. The yoyo should be real close to your finger and land on the last string.

Hope that helped!

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that makes good sense.


If what aakarsh says is true, my 2 year old daughter should be competing in Worlds this year. She can put out her fingers and make some crazy wraps!


Uhh, yojishcar, your daughter is 2 years old and she is competing in Worlds this year!? ???


HA!! No. I was saying that she “SHOULD” be competing if this quote is true.


It is true, you can. But the 2 year-old daughter thing ruined it badly. That is almost how I learned it. It is easier to land because of the space between the strings.


Oh, I didn’t realize you were just a young lad, yoyoempire. I can see how you wouldn’t understand the humor and got offended. I apologize. Also, thanks for helping our country with the purchase of your chineese yoyo. (I’m sure that went over your head as well)


Thanks for the help guys, ive pretty much got the move down, i can get it like 90% of the time now. It just took a lot of practice to get it to be accurate enough to not land on two strings. Now im having problems with the 1 and a half mount now, but im just going to practice it for a couple of hours and ill probably have it.

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Good advice was given, yet there are some who want to spoil the party.
Let’s all remember that this is a world wide community with lots of members, and many products from all corners of the globe. Let us also remember that this forum houses a large range of ages, backgrounds, and economic experiences. With that knowledge in hand, We ALL need to think about what we say in this melting pot enviroment and resist the urge to break down others to promote yourself.
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