Still struggling with double or nothing, help!

Ok, so I have just about got every intermediate trick down to perfection except for double or nothing and atomic bomb. I just started atomic bomb so im sure ill get better at that, its double or nothing im struggling with. 90% of the time the yoyo will land on both of the front strings. 5% of the time it will miss and go between strings and the other 5% i will get it perfect. How can I assure that it will land on the front string, not being good at this trick is holding me back as you could imagine since most advanced tricks have a double or nothing element to them.

Any tips or advice would be helpful and greatly appreciated…

Connor :slight_smile:

Try to keep the strings on the back of the fingers. and is the slipknot on your middle fiinger?

try to keep the yoyo straight coming around your fingers and at the same time spread the strings out on your finger.

And remember keep practicing.

ok, thanks guys, and yes the string is on my middle finger.

Also the closer to your finger the yoyo raps will make it easier to land it on th string. If you watch Andre’s trapeze video he touches on that. It will help alot.

Ok, im aware of the part that states the closer your finger is to the yoyo the more likely it will land on the string. I try to focus on that more.

Connor :slight_smile:

I think if by now you are still having troulble then when you go around the 1st time rap around youre wrist instead of youre finger and then all you have to do is land a trapise with youre finger

Im pretty new to throwing myself, but lately I have gotten alot better at landing double or nothing…
What I did was actually to go back and practice Breakaway. I’ve never really focused on that trick, because it was kinda boring and “easy”. I went on learning Trapeze instead, and sure Trapeze starts with a breakaway - but you don’t have to make a “real” breakaway to land a trapeze… I mean, if you watch the breakaway trick video - you are told that the yoyo has to swing up yo your shoulder. I never really paid any attention to that when doing trapeze, since you could land it with a lower swing…
But focus on the breakaway throw. Make it strong and straight - because then you wont have to focus on “forcing” the yoyo around your fingers by “going in to the string” (eeh, little difficult to explain).

Dont get frustrated if you land on both strings. Because from there its all a matter of getting your finger closer to the yoyo when your landing it, just like trapeze.

But yea, I know how you feel. Double or nothing is soo important for most of the tricks - so it’s pretty annoying having to practice it so much, when you really wanna be doing some cooler tricks :slight_smile:

Thanks!!! :slight_smile: I’ve gotten way better at it! :slight_smile:

My breakaways always tilts the yoyo away from me :’(any tips?

Just make sure that you throw it straight and with practice, you’ll get it.

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Yes - I agree. It has almost been three months, so I am guessing he can do it now. No need to post here. This thread has served its purpose.

hey, im pretty new to yoyoing myself(granted i do know a few advanced tricks but off the subject so nvm) but when i had trouble with DON i tried to focus on keeping arm movement to a minimum as that will cause your fingers to shift position, throwing the whole trick out of whack. So try to keep your arms stationary the whole time and you should start hitting the string :wink:


Make sure when your landing the yoyo onto the string, you land it close to your finger and land it away from the other strings around your finger. Hope this’ll help. :slight_smile:

…Really??? Come on now!

Try doing it by doing a matrix, that helped me.

He can do it now!!!

… I’m with you samad…