dounble or nothing help

i need a good explanation when i try it it wont land as easily as a trapeze

  1. Throw a breakaway.

  2. Just like trapeze, let the yoyo swing over your freehand pointer.

  3. Unlike trapeze, let the yoyo keep swinging, so it goes over your throwhand pointer as well.

  4. After that, it should keep swinging and go around your freehand pointer a second time.

  5. Land the yoyo on the front string.

  6. Drop the string off your throwhand pointer.

  7. Swing the hold on your freehand once, counter-clockwise (if you are right handed.)

  8. Now you should be in trapeze.

Does this help? Remember, practice!

A good thing to do, is to have your hands a certain distance away from eachoter so that the yoyo will land close to your pointer finger. And try to space out the string a bit. the first time you go around your non-throwhand pointer, make sure it comes close to your hand itself. And the second time you come around your non-throwhand pointer, try to get it closer to your fingertip.

One thing that helped me (i had LOTS of trouble with double or nothing) was when the yoyo swings around your freehand, get the string as close to your actual hand as you can, same when i goes around your throwhand. Then when it comes around the last time to land on the string, let the string land as far out on you index finger as possible. This makes sure the yoyo wont land on multiple strings

one thing that helped me, was the matrix trick! in the middle somewhere he says to pop it off the trapese and swing it around into the double or nothing. that helped me a lot.

Watch this!

I suggest that the first time the yoyo go over both fingers the string goes more towards your back of you hand and the last time it goes around to land the string make sure it goes to the edge of your pointer a better chance of landing :wink:

if ur landing it on all of the strings try moving ur hand back but not by alot just enough that the strings r spread apart then it should hit the string

What helped me was that as you throw the yoyo, make sure it goes around the back of your non-throw hand pointer finger (Between your fist knuckle, and your middle knuckle.) When it comes back around, make it hit the front of your non-throw hand pointer finger (Between your second knuckle and the knuckle closest to your fingernail.) This helps the string spaced enough so that you’re less likely to hit more than one string.
I hope this helps! Keep practicing, I’m sure you’ll get it.

Edit: Dang, I just realized that Pheenix said the same thing.

All the above. Also, are you using a speed beetle? (fav yoyo)If thats the case, then thats you’re problem. Speed beetle’s not for string tricks. I recommend getting a butterfly shaped yoyo.