Double or nothing

Double or nothing help ???

You need a feeling for the double or nothing!!! After some time it goes by itselfe.

I’m no expert, but I struggled with double or nothing for quite some time. It will come eventually and you’ll wonder what the problem ever was. With that said: here are some pointers which may or may not help.

  1. keep the hand where the double or nothing is happening close to your body. For right handers, this is the left hand (I’m a lefty, so it’s the right). If you’ve ever seen it, think of referees in Australian Football when a team scores they point with their index fingers straight out with their elbows next to their body. Sometimes that hand will drift away from your body. This makes landing anything much for difficult. Get the action close to your body, not away from it.

  2. on the first loop around your left hand (right hand for lefties), put the string as close to your knuckle as possible. On the second loop, put in on the second, or even third knuckle (I use the second) to get as much room possible between the string you’re trying to land on and the string from the first time around.

  3. try rotating hands up a little to see if that helps, i.e. index fingers above the thumbs. That seems to have helped in the early going to hit one string instead of both strings which was my main problem.

  4. try to land about 3-4 yoyo diameters from your finger. Don’t get it too close or it’ll hit the finger every time.

Again keep working on. It’ll come. Of course as I say this, I’m still struggling with the 1 1/2 mount!

Another pointer… Keep your fingers as straight and still as possible… Only adjust to keep the yoyo heading toward the desired string… Watching my bro learn it and his non throw hand tends to be all over the place.

For the 1.5 mount, again keep calm hands… Even if you know you will miss, it will make you adjust on the next throw and soon it will be no problem

And as always, practice… Watch the pros
And try to imitate what they do

Hope I helped ;D

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Yes. Also when I first learned, I was watching people do it really fast and wide, so I copied. And I failed.

When doing a double or nothing, dont stick your finger out randomly at a place and let it do a sidways around the world. Keep control of the yoyo. Here’s how I do to teach:

  1. Do a trapeze.
    2.Then pop the yoyo over your throwhand pointer.
    3.Then, swing it to your left and stick your non-throwhand pointer out.
    4.Do a mini style trapeze with your non-throwhand pointer that you stuck out.

Then when you get better, you can do step 1 and 2 together so you don’t land in a trapeze but instead of landing on the string like a trapeze, fling over non-throwhand pointer in one move.

After that, do step 3 and 4 together. So swing to your left and using that “swing”, stick your non-throwhand pointer out and do trapeze in one move.

Now, do everything in one move.

                                                            Good Luck!!  ;)