double or nothing

okay im using a DM i can land trapeze pretty often but when i do double or nothing i cant do it very well the yoyo lands on two strings or i just tie myself up is there anything that can help me?

When the yoyo goes around the first time, have it go around the base of your finger. Then, as it comes around the second time, let it loop around your fingertip. This makes the strings more separate, so the yoyo will land on the front string.

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Ok, when you throw it down, let it go over your nonthrowhand pointer, but as close to your hand as possible. Then, you let it go around the knuckle of your throwhand pointer, or just below it. So, when you finally let it go around your nonthrowhand pointer one last time, make it as close to the tip of your finger as possible. This will open the strings a lot as the yoyo comes around to land on the string. Hope I helped! ;D

I do something simaler I usualy let it go twice around the base of my finger then on the last swing I let it come around the knuckle closest to the tip of my finger. But experiment with different string to finger placements there might be one that works better for you!

thank you for all the help =]

I had the same problem - couldn’t get the strings far enough apart to land on just one string. I read a post that helped me - it said to take your thumb and pull the string in close to your nonthrow hand after the first loop. That did the trick for me.

I learned Houdini Mount before i learned Double or Nothin. What a Houdini mount is, is just like a Double, but the string goes around your thumb first, then your pointer.[/url]