HELP- Jensem Kimmit trick, trapeze to Double or Nothing

So in the summit video, where they mention Jensen Kimmits name, he does a trick where he is in a trapeze and he pops it up to a Double or Nothing and pops back to a trapeze and back to a DON.

Any tips? I have been trying for a while now…

I like the flow of it it’s very smooth just a simple hop and hop back hop and hop back.


It’s trick that involves popping from trapeze, whipping a loop of string with your throw hand, inserting your NTH index through that loop and landing on back into a trapeze forming a double or nothing.

I remember about 2 years ago seeing Jensen doing that 2or0 laceration and spending hours late at night practicing till I was a zombie.


The summit documentary here on YYE or YouTube. In the beginning they will show the people in the show and as they yoyo their name will pop up, Jensen is the very last and when his name comes up he does it 3-5 times, can’t miss it-

YouTube-SUMMIT DOCUMENTARY (Caribou Lodge YT channel)

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Watch the first trick he does. I watched this several times to see what he does to land the 2or0 laceration. Once you get it this way, you can do it from a trapeze after popping the yoyo up and whipping the laceration.

It looks like youre describing the first part of yukki slack?

not quite. if you watch either video you’ll see it’s not the first move in yuuki slack. It looks like a double or nothing laceration?

I know the Trapeze to DON Yuki Slack part. For the Yuki all your do is pinch, let some slack and swing it over and it goes right into a DON.

Thats not it by the way.

That very first move Jensen does (the laceration) is the exact same thing as what he’s doing during his intro in the documentary. He’s just doing it from a trapeze instead of starting with the yoyo down at his feet.

Yeah, but I think that way is harder than from trapeze. Maybe not.

It is a bit more difficult because you have to be quicker

Video tutorial uploading shortly, stay tuned.

This will be live in about half an hour.  Gotta run!

MrYoyoM to the rescue! You rule, man. I’mma check this out as soon as it’s up.

I got the double or nothing laceration from his 2009 freestyle down. Probably took ~2 hours or so to finally land. I think it’s a lot harder from trapeze though. I was gonna try to make a tutorial once I got it a bit cleaner/more consistent, but mryoyom beat me to it. haha

It helped that I put in the work to get it smooth six months ago. I had completely forgotten about it until this post came up. Always happy to help the community!

Where’d the vid go? :frowning:

Sorry, I woke up to my modem turned off. My g/f is doing some house painting and plugged it back into the plug that the light switch turns off. I’m in the process of re-uploading.

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