spme tricks off of a trapeze?

For some reason, I can’t think of any tricks to do off a trapeze. I ask because im obsessed with getting into a double ot nothing, and jumping the yoyo up and landing it on a trapeze. And when im at a trapeze, I dont know what to do so I just bind. I know you can do the flips (like the backwards brain twister) and gyroscopic flop, but im not a fan of those. So can you think of any tricks? Please, not too advanced :wink:

Try Cold Fusion, Buddahs Revenge and skin the gerbal the first 2 are out of double or nothing and the last one is out of trapeze

Eli hops, first step of Yuuki, you can get into an Eiffel Tower, you can do magic drop, pinwheels, kwyjibo, you can put one led over it than pop the yoyo over your leg and land an around leg trapeze… Lots of stuff.

Jade Whip, Iron Whip…

Aren’t there in fact an enormous number of tricks that start with Trapeze? Is it not safe to say that in terms of modern classic tricks in particular (like Kwyjibo), the majority of them start in Trapeze? :wink:

Ya, but im not super advanced so I dont know some of them, and I couldn’t think of any…

Also, if you know a lot of tricks from Double-or-Nothing, you can do a slack out of Trapeze into D-o-N, which is a cool trick in and of itself!

If I remember correctly - there is quite a bit of small little moves you can do from a trapeze demonstrated in the video below:

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8:30 from that movie how the hell hes doing that GT? he snot swining yoyo aroeund whole hand just finger


Beat me to it.

There’s matrix or at least you can start from a trapeze in that trick…

Here are a whole bunch of things to do from the trapeze


Well this trick has a double or nothing and trapeze toward the end of it- Mcbride Rollercoaster