any easy fun combos?


Hey guys, I want to learn a cool fun combo to do. I’ve been messing around with this so far: 1. Double or nothing. 2. (you can do either, I usually do matrix) pop the yoyo up and land a trapeze, or do the matrix until you get board of it and stop on a trapeze. 3. Get out and do trapeze and his brother slack 4. Pop out into a trapeze, and if you have enough spin, do it again, or just bind.
I’ve just been doing this for fun, and to tell you the truth… Its one of the most impressive tricks I can do because im just starting out on side tricks like double or nothing, trapeze and his bro etc. So do you know any fin combos? If your not very good at explaining, show or make a bid, or try to explain hood plz :slight_smile:


Get that Eli Hop! Then any time you’re in a trapeze, you can throw one or two of those in. :wink: Double-or-Nothing ending in trapeze, two Eli Hops. Once you get cleaner and have more spin, transition that into a Skin the Gerbil.


Adding onto what GregP said, after I do two eli hops and they think im going to do a third one, I go into kwijibo. But I kind of do that combo that you do with the bro slack.


here’s a thread I made ages ago. Might of some use.

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Here is a list of tutorials for tricks that are quick and easy and will give you a lot of elements to work into your own combos down the road.