Here's my problem...

I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t want to learn new tricks, and only wish to make them, but my problem there is that, I need to learn new tricks to have more things to work with. So anyone have some quick easy to learn tricks, or combos I can learn?

This one I made up myself, it’s a small combo that I like to start with all the time… I don’t know if someone else has made the same one lol but here it goes:

  1. start off with the “Matrix” trick
  2. get onto double or nothing and do “Cold Fusion”
  3. once you land on the trapeze, do “skin the gerbil”
  4. Bind anyway you want!

usually that’s what I do, well that’s the main part at least, but sometimes after step 3 , I do a Jade Whip and then bind, or maybe again after step 3 do a “trapeze with his brother slack” and then a “ninja fanish” which ends up with a green triangle. then dismount.

that depends on how advanced you are at yoyoing! and I like a lot of slack/whip tricks so they’re always in my combos :smiley: goodluck!

Do a youtube search. Learn the first three tutorials that come up no matter what they are. Find something in those tricks worth stealing.
That’s my advice.

You know what you’re interested in more than anyone else here. Put in the effort. Go find it. Don’t wait for someone to hand it to you.

I got 99 problems, but not wanting to learn tricks isn’t one of them.

Lol, you are exactly who I put this together for.  A playlist of tutorials you should be able to learn quickly and hopefully grab some inspiration from.

Learn underwater weaving. Has some very cool elements in it.